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Writing your privacy policy

Not every web surface is going to understand lawyer talk. Most online privacy policies are written by lawyers and as a web user we don't know half of what it means. Therefore I suggest that you write a privacy policy that people can
understand. Phrase your policy as a FAQ with questions like

1. Do you sell my personal information to third parties?

2. How do you secure my personal information?

3. Why do you need my information/why do I need to register?

4. Do you collect information from children?

5. What other information do you collect and how is it used?

6. What are my options to control the use of my personal information?

7. What is a cookie?

When writing your company’s Privacy Policy make sure that you have covered the
following topics

1. The "we collect" statement

2. If you save, share, or sell your customers' email addresses.

3. If your site uses cookies ,what information is collected with the

4. Your site's security , what steps you take to protect from hackers.

5. Coppa ( Statement Regarding Children)

6. How you protect their privacy.

7. Changes to your policy

8. Links

9. Updating your information

10. Your business contact information.

My advice on writing your efficient Privacy Policy can be summed up in
one word , as my husband Shawn DesRochers web developer, free lance programmer
and owner of
would say " Kiss" ( Keep it simple stupid).
About The Author...
Rose DesRochers, Canada Rose is a published author and web columnist from Canada Ontario and she is also the founder of Today's Woman a community for men and women over 18, where writers/poets/columnists meet and exchange ideas, contest, rate and review and help each other succeed in the writing industry.

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