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It's so simple — Just type your company information into a template, answer a few multiple-choice questions — regarding the type of privacy your customers can expect — hit the submit button and PRESTO: up pops a custom-designed privacy policy: tailor-made for your website.

No need to waste days or weeks doing research, or to hire a professional to create your privacy policy. The Privacy Policy Wizard does it all for you in ten minutes flat.

What's the secret? Hidden technology. As you answer each multiple-choice question in the template, your choice activates a hidden scanner that selects a pre-written phrase that exactly matches your choice, and seamlessly inserts it into your custom privacy policy...making it appear as though it had been hand-typed by a professional.

Our programmer wrote many different phrases that cover about 95% of the common privacy issues, and hid them inside the template, thus saving you many hours of work.

Don't worry about the other 5%...the template has a built-in custom field that permits you to insert a clause that may be relevant to your site but is not included in the template.

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