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The Privacy Affiliates partner program is run through ClickBank, so you have independent tracking of sales by a trusted third party. They will provide you with up-to-the-minute sales stats, plus notify you by email every time you make a sale.

They also issue affiliate checks to you every two weeks. No waiting a month before getting paid: you make one sale and you get a check.

It's quite profitable to link to Privacy Affiliates. You'll earn a huge 50% commission on every membership you refer. Take home $10.00 for each individual privacy policy you sell and $49.50 for each multiple site license you sell.

Market just two individual privacy policies, and your own privacy policy is FREE!

If you are already a ClickBank member use this URL as your affiliate link...

Just replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your ClickBank nickname.

Here it is in html:

<a href=""
    target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>

Once again replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your ClickBank nickname.

Then click the following link to select a text or banner ad to place on your website: Privacy Affiliates Advertising Resources

If you do not have a ClickBank account, it's very simple to get one. It takes about three minutes.

To get your ClickBank nickname click here:
Join My Affiliate Program

During this easy sign-up process, you will be asked to pick a "nickname" that will be used to track your referral sales.

When you are finished, return to this page and follow the directions above to generate the link for your FREE Privacy Affiliates partner website.

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